Wing Long Yip

Student assistant

B.Eng. Student in Bioengineering, City University of Hong Kong

Email: angusyip at

3D printing of dental composite

Additive manufacturing and mechanical behavior of isotropic metamaterials

3D printing of hydrophilic-hydrophobic polymer

Final Year Project (FYP):​​

Undergraduate Students


Ph.D. Graduates:

  • ​Apr. 2017 -- Dr. Bing Chen, Ph.D. Dissertation: "Structural Behavior of Bioinspired Dental Multilayer"
  • Jul. 2016 -- Dr. Yongli Wang, Ph.D. Dissertation: "Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Biological Material", Now: Research Fellow at the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA)

Bachelor Graduates:

  • May 2017 -- Yan Ting Chan, Tsz Ling Wong and Tak Mei Yiu, Undergraduate Thesis: "3D Printing of Hydrophilic-Hydrophobic Polymer"
  • Apr. 2017 -- Fei Fei Cheng, Choi Ying Ling, Seong Rae Roh and Mei Yee Yeung, Undergraduate Thesis: "Fabrication and Mechanical Testing of Silica-Titania-PDMS Nanocomposites for 3D Printable Soft Robots with Enhanced Thermal Stability"
  • Apr. 2017 -- Long Yin Fung, Lok Yee Madeleine Lam and Chun Yan Leung, Undergraduate Thesis: "Fabrication of 3D Printable Zirconia-silica-polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Nanocomposites as Thermally Stable Materials for Soft Robotics"
  • ​Apr. 2017 -- Sin Yat Leung, Undergraduate Thesis: "Effect of Gamma - MPS as Coupling Agent on
    Grafting Performance and Mechanical Properties of Zirconia – BisGMA/TEGDMA Nanocomposite"

  • Aug. 2016 -- Nicolas James Ho, Undergraduate Thesis: "Fabrication and 3D Printing of Tough Hydrogel"
  • May 2016 -- Lok Sze Cheung, Tsz Yan Man, Sau Ching Yam and Ka Yan Yau, Undergraduate Thesis: "Investigation on Mechanical and Structural Behaviours of Human Hair"
  • ​May 2016 -- Wai Tung Fu, Ching Yee Kwok, Wing Yan Lee and Momina Shad, Undergraduate Thesis: "3D Printing of a Strong and Light Polymer"
  • May 2016 -- Hiu Man Lau, Yuen Man Ng and Chun Kit Yip, Undergraduate Thesis: "Reproducible Design of Heat-curing Extrusion Bioprinter"

Postdocs, Research Associates and Student Helpers:

  • Dr. Jianjun Bian (Dec. 2012 - Apr. 2013 & Nov. 2014 - Nov. 2015), Now: Postdoctoral associate at Xi'an Jiaotong University
  • Mr. Kang Chen (Aug. 2017 - Dec, 2017), Now: in Japan
  • ​Ms. Yue Ding (Apr. 2013 - Apr. 2014), Now: Ph.D. Student at Xi'an Jiaotong University
  • Dr. Yucheng Dong (Feb. 2014 - Apr. 2014), Now: Research Fellow at Kuang-Chi Institute of Advanced Technology
  • ​Mr. Nicolas James Ho (Mar. 2015 - Dec. 2016), Now: Research Assistant at Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Mr. Yonglong Hu (Jul. 2013 - Apr. 2016), Now: Technical Engineer at Dunton Environmental
  • ​Mr. Ken Lau (Feb. 2015 - May 2015)
  • ​Mr. Sin Yat Leung (Aug. 2016 - May 2017), Now: Undergraduate Student at CityU
  • ​Dr. Yihui Pan (Nov. 2014 - Jan. 2015), Now: Postdoctoral Associate, Shenzhen Graduate School of Harbin Institute of Technology
  • ​Dr. Zhiyong Ren (Dec. 2014 - Jan. 2015), Now: Consulting Engineer at PERA Global Co. Ltd.
  • ​Dr. Yongli Wang (Aug. 2016 - Apr. 2017), Now: Research Fellow at The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA)
  • ​Mr. Shiqi Wu (Aug. 2016 - Feb. 2017)​, Now: in Wuhan, China
  • Ms. Qing Zhang (Sep. 2014 - May 2015), Now: in Shanghai, China
  • Professor Fenglin Guo, Associate Professor,  Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Summer 2013 & Summer 2015
  • Professor Gangfeng Wang, Professor and Winner of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (国家杰出青年科学基金), Xi'an Jiaotong University, Summer 2014


Zijian Yao

Ph.D. candidate

Research direction: Interface and Nano

B.S., Thermal Energy & Power Engineering, Dalian Uniersity of Technology

​Email: zijianyao2-c at

Yuexing Zhan

Ph.D. candidate

Research direction: Soft Matter

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Email: yxzhan4-c at

Huanyun Ji

Ph.D. candidate

Research direction: Bioinspired Multilayer

B.S., Materials Processing & Control Engineering, Huazhong University of Science & Technology

Email: huanyunji2-c at

Graduate Students

Dr. Xinrui Niu

Associate Professor 

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Princeton University
M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Notre Dame
M.S. in Solid Mechanics, Tsinghua University
B.S. in Engineering Mechanics, Tsinghua University

​Office: AC1-P6420

Phone: (852)-3442-8432

Email: xinrui.niu at

Principle Investigator

Zheming Luo

Student assistant

B.Eng. Student in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, City University of Hong Kong

Email: zheminluo2-c at

Niu Research Group

Kin Chi Chan

Student assistant

B.Eng. Student in Bioengineering, City University of Hong Kong

Email: kcchan425-c at

Research Staff